More on the Apache Virus. . .

or, how quickly you can make a fool out of yourself when you start shooting off at the keyboard.

I only heard this story, oh three days ago (March 25), and news wasn't anywhere yet. Hehehe... now, three days later (or is it four? I've forgotten to sleep again), the story of Tuttles City Manager is everywhere. And get this, he's demanding The Register to stop the internet (as if The Register was the only place online that carried this story).

So rembember, there is no such thing as a virus or exploit called Apache(none that I recall anyway)


The Apache Virus!

Some people just can't learn... and some people just dont know how to learn. Check out this story about how an answer can be slapped on someones face so many times, but still won't be picked up. Amusingly enough, it's exactly the same kind of problem I have at work every day. =)

Just an aside, here's the guy who didn't know what apache looked like, and aparrently couldn't even read the text that's displayed on the default screen.


Ok, Now I'm Serious

After so many months, and only one post in between, what's been happening... oh yeah, I almost get laid off, I move houses (again! Third time in one year) buy a PC (no, not the 64 bit AMD I was planning on, nor the laptop), get broadband, and do a lot of other things.

But I'm too tired to get into details right now. My son is taking up most of my down time, and during daytime, I have work and Software Freedom Philippines to worry about. But since I got broadband, I can finally post whenever I want!