You really have to hate yourself sometimes.

I saw this nice little photo organizing app called f-spot which I wanted to try out. Now, if I were on linux, it would have been a simple matter of chasing down the appropriate package for me, whether rpm, deb or tgz. But since I moved over to FreeBSD, getting new apps have both been a pleasant and lousy experience at the same time.

Lousy, say I? What about that humongous ports collection? Well, sometimes, somethings just dont work... sometimes, some of them are broken... or sometimes, its just out of date, with the most recent maintainer taking a long leave of absence. But anyway, just for shits and giggles, I thought of making my own port for f-spot. All it needed was Mono and a few gnome libs.

Suffice it to say that I was well into getting that Makefile done, enjoying every step of the way... when i suddenly remember...

$whereis f-spot

to which my terminal responds:

f-spot: /usr/ports/graphics/f-spot

sheesh... oh well... it was a learning experience.

I really should get around practicing coding some more... have to find something to kill time on...

Roll my own blog app? I do have the space available already, anyway...