Wine 1.1.7 and Adobe CS3

Now, this blog has been all but abandoned. My last post was several months ago. The reason for the abandonment? I'm currently rolling my own blog in python and sqlite3. The host is already actually paid for and ready, as well as the domain, but things being hectic as they are, well, things had to slide for a while.

Now, since I studied flash ActionScript3 for a year, I had a dedicated windows drive, and a dedicated linux drive as well. Yes, it used to be FreeBSD, but somehow, I found FreeBSD 7 not me... version 6.x was fine with me, but 7 seemed somehow off.

Anyway, developing on windows, I had dreamweaver on, like any good webdeveloper should. Honestly, Dreamweaver is still one of the best IDE's I've ever seen. When the windows drive finally said buh-buy ... (yes, as in buy another drive), well, it was buhbye DW as well.

Well, I didn't have the cash to spend on another drive yet, and my linux drive was pretty much packed already... plus, I didn't really want to put windows back on :)

Running through some IDE's, like Quanta, Bluefish and Nvu, I found that, after Dreamweaver, well, Dreamweaver spoils all other web development environments. I was itching to get back on dreamweaver.

So in comes wine to the rescue. I had a drive image of a fresh windows install with CS3 already installed there, so copied over the entire adobe directory to my ~/.wine/Program Files directory. I tried DW with wine 1.1.4 first. Yes it worked, but there were screen artifacts. Some parts didn't render, and a feeling of "clunkiness". So, I gave that up for a lost cause.

Now, with a wine upgrade (1.1.7), I tried it again, and voila! the interface all renders properly, most functions seem to be there (haven't dug into it much, since I only tried 5 minutes ago) and responds fairly well. For kicks, I tried to run flash cs3... and voila! same thing! :) how about photoshop? sadly, no go.

Anyway, I'll post more when I put it through the paces, but for now, a screenie... :)

you can view the full size here: