After Many, Many Months...

of leaving my blog unattended, I do swear to start posting regularly again. I know, I've said that dozens upon dozens of times before, but now, i really will.

Why? For one thing, the blog is a perfect emotional dumping ground for when I'm low. It also helps me record some memorable events (both good and bad), as well as gives me some quiet time. This I never realized when I first started blogging.

Anyway, whats been going on lately... for one, Software Freedom Philippines is in shambles... re-organizing and restructuring will be underway soon... and hopefully, we'll get it right this time around. So for, for the reorganizational meet will have a number of attendees that I hope will be sure attendants, as the first thing that has to be, well, reorganized is the core.

Another thing... while my la[o]st job posting was as a System Admin for a small (lousy) company, I just recently started out at Dell Manila as a Tech Support rep. Wierd step you might think, but I've never had this much fun at work before. You want to try it there? Follow the link and apply. :D

Finally, house moving again. In the past couple of years, I have no idea how often I've relocated, but I really hope that this is really the last one. Uprooting yourself and your family is hard, tiring, and most of all, highly disruptive. Again, hopefully, this is the last time.

With regard to open source, my all time favorite linux distro Slackware just released version 11 on October 3... get yourself a copy while its hot! I really wish I had a spare drive to run it with, because right now, I'm still enamored with FreeBSD. I could still run slack from qemu though. Must find time to do so. . . (but first, a total backup of my drive is necessary before moving forward, as my most recent backup dates to around December last year). I also have to get a new HD. 120 giggers are so cheap these days, it hurts being stuck on a 30 gb drive thats almost 75% full.

By the way, FreeBSD 6.2 is already in pre-release right now (which I'm actually tracking at the moment). The new release should be ready in a month or so. Check the release schedule here

Regarding regular posting, I'm hoping I'll be posting at least once a day again, if not, then at least once a week... and an even bigger hope would be that the posts would be meaningful in someway to others.

And so, in parting, I'd just like to share this bit of news regarding that old, old SCO lawsuit against linux... Novell took a swing against SCO this time.

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mark said...

hah! now i don't feel alone.
So na-abandon mo rin pala blog mo.

Ako rin eh, that's why the ping back is arriving just now. Thanks for dropping by again, and for asking about Sam.

He's actually doing great, and i can only be Thankful for all the prayers and support.

Yan, as always, a struggle is always easier when you know that other people are facing it too. I'm talking of course about our blogs. :D May they receive more love again from their masters... hehe. It's nice being here again (Random musings). Subscribed (again, since i migrated to Google Reader from Bloglines)