Another Late Update

Well... better than nothing, I always say.

Anyway, I finally got out of the call center bit. I got a call from someone I knew who offered me a position that I just couldn't resist. So, my title is no longer CSR, it is now SysAd... !!!

Anyway... I traded in one lifestyle where I had no time, for another where the day doesn't have enough time for things to do... learning, relearning and prelearning as well as applying what I know to what has to be done.

Best part of all? It's an open source shop!

Ahh... all work and no play makes me a dull boy. But if my work is play, then I can't be dull now, can I? =P

I am now working with whats closest to my heart (next to my son anyway)... and work is never work if you're enjoying it. And work now entails my diddling around all the morbid details and innards of all of linux for the servers, and for me, FreeBSD (which I'm recommending for some of the servers anyway).

Sorry PV,, Slackware will always have a place with me... but FreeBSD is where I really go home to. Now, if I can get a spare drive, I can put a second home inside my box for both!

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