Rants and Raves and Gratuitious Advertising.

Lousy, lousy, lousy... I was supposed to be in Batangas last week. Aside from the fact that it was my hometowns fiesta, some former officemates were also headed that way. I was going to hook up with them at the beach... and I was planning to show them around.

Unfortunately, all the best laid plans of mice and men oft do go astray, as the saying goes. And I couldn't leave work. Damn. Damn. Damn.

I wonder if they're going to shoot me on sight if I try to visit them?

Well, doesn't matter, too late now. I do have to go see them soon. I still have unfinished business to attend to - approximately 1500 in debt to pay back - and some gifts to give to the best people I've ever worked with in the 10 years that I've been working already.

Off tangent to the above rants, FreeBSD is teh roxorz!!!!111 I haven't had this much fun since I started with Slackware years ago. I'm actually proposing having these two deployed at our office for our servers.

And on a related note, because of the amount of reading that these two OS's demand of their user, I'm going cross eyed, and slowly going blind.

It makes for a great sleep deprivation experiment though. =Þ

I'll try to put up a more coherent post once I can actually manage to get some sleep back into my timetable.

Oh, and the Software Freedom Philippines site is already up, and SFD is just around the corner. Come on over and visit the site, it's under constant renovation though, so our apologies if something is broken.

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