From the Home Front

After weeks upon weeks upon weeks of figuring out how... I give up... It seems that my old Compaq 1201 really only has an 800x600 resolution... I've been up all night (for several nights) hacking the damn thing to smithereens (except for one nuking session, when I upgraded to slackware 10.2)... I cry uncle... I'm stuck at 800x600x16@60.

Oh well... I've run on machines with even less resolution... and anyway, since I do most work from the terminal, it doesn't really account for much, but I could use the extra screen real estate for when I do fire up X. Hmm... although, I still have to figure out how to get that trident framebuffer device to give me an 800x600 console yet...

But on another matter, the folk of SFD Philippines are finally getting together, and getting a host and a domain name (courtesy of moi, for the first year anyway). Hopefully, we can start the next year strong with more of that grass! ... errr... grass-roots advocacy that isn't getting much in the way of help from the governement here. I have to ask the folks as to what exactly they envision the organization to be and where we will go and what we will do. These are The Questions That Need Answering, and today, I ask. And from there, we move forward.

Hopefully though, we can keep together, and get the good word of Open Source out to the masses.

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