Something interesting... Or maybe not...

I was just going over some news that I view regularly, and I came across this editorial of sorts about how much technology has affected us. While it's more personal in perspective, I quite agree that technology does have its place in society, but not in every nook and cranny. So, like the author said, please take things down a notch.

And then, Open Office got delayed! But all for the better, as it seems there was this one major flaw in its graphics routines. Apparently, bug i55330 makes graphical elements go awry. They did take this time to plug in more bug fixes as well (some minor inconsistencies).

On the other hand, IBM is donating a large part of its Rational code to the Eclipse Foundation. Very good news for Open source indeed!

On the other side of the realms of tech, apparently, Microsoft is going to give Windows XP some "gadgets" that were slated to be included only in Vista. Interestingly though, these gadgets are things the Open Source community have been enjoying for a long time.

And finally, if you think you have trouble about setting your priorities, then the Peruvian government has got to have some major issues.

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