Google + Gaim

While we all know that Google launched it's Google Talk service, and that Gaim is one of several IM clients that can utilize it, it seems that Google went one step further, by acquiring Gaim. It's an interesting step by Google, specially now that theres an IM "war" between the three largest IM services, namely AOL,Yahoo, and microsoft (you'll have to forgive me if I didn't get the MS URL right, as it's been years since I last paid it a visit). Anyway, this, right after MS and Yahoo announced that they'd start sharing their userbases and getting their respective message suites talking to each other (and leaving AOL out in the dark).

Considering that the userbase of MS and Yahoo alone goes into the (tens of) millions, and AOL has a steep climb in front of them. Googles diving headfirst into this foray looks more like an insurmountable task. Muddying up the waters even more is this acquisition. Google has an ace up it's sleeve? Or they have a different road map ahead of them? Only time will tell.

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