Finally Fixed to My Liking

Finally. After a significant amount of time (having a one year old around really curtails my tweaking time), I finally have my installation to where I'm actually contented. Heres a screenie:

Yes, I know, the matrix theme has been done to death, but like i said, it's now at a state where I can use it without getting too much of an urge to tweak everything. Anyway, the theme is systemx from freshmeat. The transparent terminal in is an eterm stripped of the scrollbar, button bar and borders. WM is fluxbox (from slackware 10.2). Outside of that, I also have qhacc, a piece of personal accounting software that I like, theres also catdoc, for when I don't want to use OO to read MS .docs (especially when I'm busy on CLI). And my favorite system monitor, torsmo.

Now that everything is nice and tidy, time to reinstall... hehehe... I made such a mess (I have no idea how many kernels I have in there) of getting it right, that the whole filesystem is inundated with useless directories, configurations, and lost symllinks. Instead of chasing them down, I'm just going to save my ~/, parts of /etc, my kernel .config, and wash everything down with a nice, old-fashioned nuking.

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