Forming a Body Out of Thin Air

Just recently, the volunteers of the Software Freedom Day Philippines celebration met up to discuss what would be (we hope) an organization to truly spread FOSS in the Philippines (true grassroots penetration, we hope). As of this time, the main thrust of the discussion was the long term plans, as well as organizational structure of the group.

The core group that met agreed on (quite possibly) the most important aspect, which was that decisions should be made by general acclamation, and all decisions are to be made by consensus (Democracy, anyone?). After all, the current members became what we are now because of what happened before.

Originally, during the planning stages of SFD Philippines, all decisions were made only after a vote... and so, we decided to carry on that tradition. No benevolent dicators in this one. However, as of this time, the vision and mission is being hammered out, and decisions to be made regarding incorporating the body as a non-profit organization.

During this time, we also agreed that a website for the group would be a Good Thing®, which I have decided to donate. There are already volunteers for content producers and site maintenance. All thats left is the domain name, for which I've asked Software Freedom International as to whether we could use "Software Freedom" as part of our name. After this week ends, and if I get no reply, the question of the name, of course, will have to be raised again.

Anyway, if anybody wishes to volunteer, the title is linked to our current mailing list (which is currently under Google Groups), just give us a shout-out. We need all the help we can get. It's a relatively low volume list, so you won't get lost in the messages.

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