In times of need...

Usually, I'm a cynic, especially in this day and age, where everyone is so connected, and yet so apathetic (most of the time) to other peoples plights.

This, however takes me to the thread linked to the title. Good samaritans all (heck, I learned most of my linux from lurking their Unix forum), and willing to lend both arms, both legs, and a neck, should the need be great enough.

This is the second time (that I know of) that they are actively chasing after phishing scams.

OK. Vigilantism isn't exactly high on my "Honorable Deeds" list, but look at it this way... the frontier we all explore that's called the net, is a high-tech non-space where "new" is the norm, and trust is the currency we all barter with. Unfortunately, the ne'er-do-well's of cyberspace have been taking advantage of that trust since the "Great Commercialization".

And in countering these things, I find what the people who are are giving more than a little time and effort in trying to warn other people, and taking steps to counter these things to be very highly commendable.

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