After my stint at existential angst yesterday, it seems I'm currently at a crossroads. Then again, I suppose fatherhood does that to a person. But I digress...

Anyway, a wave of depression has been running after me for quite some time already, which caused that outpouring of (admittedly bad) poetry. So, I do what I always do when I want to stop bouncing off of walls.

I go to random pages in my browser history. Which, surprisingly, took me to "Sam, Meet Hand..." It's a short, one line entry in the blog of another FOSS nut (like me).

Now, I don't claim to be a heartless man, nor am I a cheesy marshmallow regarding sentimental matters... but hey, I'm a dad...

A single dad to boot.

It's a big pain seeing your kid sick. Much more painful when he recovers and then relapses. I understand the worry and the fatigue. I understand the incidental problems that creep up alongside the pain. I understand. Which is probably why I keep coming back to that post.

Maybe someday, I'll get to meet that family... and say, "Chesco (that's the name of my son), meet Sam. No hitting. Have fun." =Þ


mark said...

hey migs. im touched that my post about my son got mentioned here.

I also didn't know that you're a single dad. Must be hard, but still rewarding.

I also pray every moment that the day that you're saying will come. That Sam grows up old enough to meet Chesco.
Sana nga.

Thanks. As I mentioned in my blog, I pray for you two. Enjoy every moment. Be thankful for every little thing that you have. Be feel blessed for every minute that Chesco is with you.

I envy you. :) not in a bad way, but I really do.


rotero said...

same here , didnt know ur a single parent...

there is a mailing list (egroup) about parenting, you might interested in joining.. smartparenting.com.ph