More Reading Ahead!

My quest to relearn programming has just begun in earnest! I was originally trying to relearn C(++), but feel too burnt out to really understand the subject matter once over. So, I decided to check out new horizons (since I haven't done any serious coding for some time, anyway). So, I took a look at Ruby and at python. I must say, I am impressed! These two have an elegant (for me) syntax, that's easily understandable. Most definitely a jump in the right direction for me.

As an aside, I'm also studying SQL right now. What for? Well, way back when, SQL was more along the lines of black magic for me. Well, not exactly black magic, but actually more like voodoo... I just couldn't figure the darn thing out. But then again, seeing as I was looking at DB's during the time of DOS (now theres a single user OS, if ever there was one), it just didn't make an impression on me. Now that all will change. So, I got a book, SQL: Visual QuickStart Guide, 2nd Edition, which covers mySql, PostgreSql, Access, Oracle, SQL Server and one or two others (so sue me! I just started reading it the other day). Cost me all of PHP590 (thats what, $11 or so?), considering it's list price is $24 plus shipping!

One last thing to work on... I wonder if my previous school will take me back in? After all, they did -eherrmm- request me to find educational fulfillment at another institution... oh well... one at a time.

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rotero said...

sir may I ask where did you buy that book for P590...