Aftermath of Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day was a blast!And the aftermath? Well, let me see...

The night before the event, my laptop (currently a celeron 800 Compaq 1201t) decided to crash, and trash my xorg configuration. Spent a few hours that I would have otherwise dedicated to compiling stuff that I was supposed to be demoing instead. I managed to get the darn thing working again, but at 4 in the morning, my body decided to crash as well.

At seven thirty a.m. (call time was 8 am sharp), I woke up. Ran to the event, and basically, spent a few hours just trying to keep awake and to wake up some more.

At 9 am (event start), the DSL connection finally got installed. Lo and Behold!, my laptop didn't want to connect!!! (and i was to demo internet applications!!!)

Well, anyway, i managed to get the darn thing running after about 15 - 20 minutes. Embarassing, to say the least.

Anyway, the rest of the day passed rather uneventfully (except for this gay dude in my demo room, who was asking if it was okay for him to browse porn sites. Told him it was okay with me, and that he should ask the rest of the crowd first.)

Clair had a smashing success with her demo, with the crowd huddled all around her. And she was talking about a topic near and dear to her heart (emacs).

Mike Balcos (otherwise known as mikeb or mbalcos), founder of Slugphils ran in a bit late (after lunch, he had classes to attend) and we had an interesting discussion about OSS in the Philippines. Then wakizaki (Chris, also part of SLUGphils) was there too. Zealots for the cause, i must say. But hey, they love what they do, and are doing what they love. What's more, they love their slack! =Þ

JM Ibanez came in after lunch as well (he had some tests, I believe). Not entirely sure what he demoed there, as I was a bit tied up with mike. It was an ineresting chat, always connected with OSS, but ranging quite far and wide. AFAIR, the latter part of JM's afternoon was spent trying to get Clair's Laptop back in working order (we have no idea what went bork that afternoon).

Oh well, that end's one part of this years' interesting events for me. I wish I could attend the Linux World Conference, but sadly, I'm in need of a laptop more than the attendance of a conference.

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Clair said...

Well, what borked? Let me tell you.

Some time in the afternoon, I couldn't log on to Ubuntu properly. I couldn't get into GDM. Turns out that the user profiles have been erased. I swear I didn't do anything at all.

But! My dear dear JM is so wonderful and he was able to bring it back :D

JM wasn't able to do any demos as he was late. He was supposed to demo games in the morning while Zak was gone (in school) but something came up and JM almost didn't come, actually.