The Price of Knowing

So this is the price of knowing. With all the raids going on, and everyone migrating to linux (well, a lot of cybercafe's anyway), it was a pleasure to start teaching newbies and welcoming them into the world of linux. Hell, I practically had a whole thread to myself at the forum I frequent.Unfortunately, the tenet that "You give them a hand, and they'll take your arm" is true.

Over the past few days, answering question upon question regarding linux, I was having fun. Eventually though, I notice that:

  • they're not googling

  • they're not listening (or reading, as they case may be

  • if they don't hear an answer they like, they get angry

  • Yeesh, now I understand why some of the veterans of the ATU forum at BBR are so cynical or such curmudgeons when it comes to giving advice.

    Over the past week, while not overly repetetive, it's all too obvious that they're long on enthusiasm, and short on patience (re: reading, research, blah). I've actually asked the mods of TPC on the requirements of writing an article for the site. Not that it'll do much good. However, if anyone does actually read that part of the site, then at least, I'll know that some of them are actually doing their job.

    If only other peoply would read the Asking Questions How-To by Eric Raymond, then maybe, just maybe, we all would have an easier time.

    Hehe, I remember the thread for the cybercafe owners. I think one idtiot tried to about 5 distro's in three days. Why? He wanted one that ran exactly like windows. And then, theres this other one on the linux thread, who is so obviously sponging off, and not even bothering to do research.

    Hell, I'm getting tired of it. But I know I won't be stopping the teaching that I'm doing. I welcome everyone into the open source fold. But if you take up too much of my time or resources, I'd just as happily kick you back out.

    I won't claim that I'm a genius with regard to linux. I just know my way around. But if you can't be bothered to learn by yourself after a few pointers, then you should learn not to bother me as well. There are many, many more who want to shift, and even more willing to take an effort to learn. These are the people I like to teach. Shout-outs to shadowblaster, drahcir-16, and many others that have needed minimal handholding after only a few cries for help. These are the folk that will go far in the linux world.

    note: If you want to view the thread at the site linked to this post, you'll have to register. It's free, so thats not a problem. However, if your native language doesn't include tagalog, that will be a big problem.


    Nica said...

    buti pa sila... naalala mo! ako hindi! hmp!

    miss you!

    see you later at 11 pm. here at unionbank. ok?

    love you!

    rotero said...

    just curious whats ur nick in TPC?