Curiouser and Curiouser....

I was just going over the blogs of some people that I met. I must say, a blog does indeed provide some interesting insights into people you hardly know. Well, I know them somehwat from the PLUG mailing list. I just wish I actually had as much time to browse what other people are thinking and planning (as much as one actually plans on a blog).

If you'll look at one of my earlier posts Clair is one of the first to actually read up on what I've been doing. Thank you Clair!

On a side note, clair is also into linux, and is an emacs fanatic (I hope you don't mind, Clair =Þ). Seems to be a sweet girl (and everything I've been reading from posts in the PLUG mailing list seems to point that way), very bubbly and vibrant. The one time we met is making that assumption of mine solidify.

JM, on the other hand (I'd link you to his blog, but I'm currently not inclined to move around, although I did browse through it a bit before) is a quiet kind of guy. Hard to judge. Quite technical (I think, YMMVVM) from what I remember. But like I said, he doesn't talk much. Although, he does remind me of one of my friends back in high school (they look so very much alike). Outside of these rather subjective observations, I have no other idea as to what kind of person he is.

Well, these two are the only ones that really got stuck in my mind (as their blogs are the only ones I have located) who are part of the SFD group (well, anothers the head honcho of the group, Sir Rick of course, but then, he was the first one that I got in touch with, and I don't think he has a blog) prepping for September 10. If you have no idea as to what SFD is, check the right sidebar.

If by any chance, some Filipino's happen to stumble on this blog, I invite all of you to attend. It should be fun. And spread the word.

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Clair said...

Hehehe. JM is indeed technical =) But you could discuss all sorts of things with him. Really cool guy ;)

But I am very biased of course!

Ayan nagsipag akong mag-comment :D

See ya tomorrow!