Another Long Slow Day

I don't normally bitch about being bored. I find that there's a lot to do and a lot to think of, even when I'm staring at a blank wall or sitting on a rock. But right now, I am utterly, totally, and absolutely bored!

So, I'll just do some math here instead....

Hosting costs: $59 X 56.29 php=3500 php.
Domain: $8.95X 56.29 php= 800 php.

What will I use it for? Well, I've finally made up my mind. I'm going to get a shared account from surpass first (the OC-5 plan). You can use two add-on domains on top of the one for yourself. 5 gigs of space, with 100 gigs of bandwidth. After a few months, and at least one client, I upgrade to their OC-10 ($159/yr) plan.

Or, even better, I'll get my reseller from Lost In Space Hosting. I like their support (even though it was presales). Very corteous, and very accommodating. They were actually offering me a month of free trial time with no money down (well, they'd have my card on file if I did like it, but that's beyond the point). Yes, definitely. Surpass for my personal projects and hobbies, then lostinspace for my reseller "sideline".

Tie up with this group of designers, give them access to one of the add-ons (domain is their problem, not mine). I'll host it for them, for free, relatively speaking. The condition is, if they get a client, they push me forward as a hosting provider. They get paid, I get paid, the client gets what they want. Everybody is happy.

For the other add-on domain, I think that I'll have one of my forums migrate over there. Pinoylinux is currently being hosted at probards. They're not bad. But I'd prefer that we have our very own place to call our own. Don't you think?

And for myself? Well, a blog, some mirrored OSS packages (like fluxbox!), and I don't know what else. What can I put up on my own site?

Ah, well... whatever it is that I do put up... I know I'll like. Why? Because... I put it up. It's not just for me anyway. If I actually do make money, it'll all go to my sons savings account, and to maintain that little slice of business.

I know, I know. I don't talk about my son. That's because I don't want to . My son is my life. It's private. It's mine. What we do, is for us. For me. For him. While I have him, nothing matters. It's all that counts. He's all that counts. Nothing more, nothing less.

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