Hosting Reprise

After more thought and several exchanges with support, I have come to the following conclusion:

1. I don't have the money to take on two hosts.
2. I want this to work.

Lostinspace hosting provides a bigger bandwidth pipe than Surpass hosting, but is also a bit pricier. The lowest reseller plan I saw was at $12.50/mo for 5 gigs of space, plus 150 gigs of bandwidth for LIH, as opposed to 10 for 3 gig space and 30 gigs bandwidth for surpass at $10/mo.

The big thing for Surpass, though, is that they will provide you with a separate hosting plan for free that is equivalent to your reseller account. So, if I get the basic 3/30 plan, I have 3/30 to sell, and 3/30 for myself.

Decisions... hmmph... which one?

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