Life Sucks seven ways from Sunday...

1. I'm on my own (me and the wifey don't live together no more).
2. I have absolutely nothing in my bank account!
3. I have debts all the way up to here!
4. After almost three years in the contact center industry, I'm still an agent!
5. My previous company owes me six months of Social Security remittances.
6. After earning triple the country average for almost 3 years, I still have the same clothes.
7. I have no life to speak of.

Well, for number one, I won't bother to expound. Just take it as it is. Although, at least, we're still on good terms.

With regard to savings, well, look to the bottom right, under the to-do list. That's a target. So, hopefully, I'll actually have something by years end. But then again, after paying for number 3 and buying the things I need, there probably won't be anything left.

I'm still a rank and file agent. Go figure. Well, sith happens... I just hope things change for the better this year.
As for social security, I kinda doubt that I'm ever going to see those six months of remittances. After all, that company filed for bankruptcy 2 years ago, and then, set up another company under a different name. Can you say Fly by night?
I'm not a fashionista myself, but I sure could use some new clothes (especially for work). My wardrobe consists of the clothes I used to wear while I was still very active in the musical underground.
As for no time, well, that's something I can do nothing about. Actually, I do have a life, after all, I am raising a toddler. But as for the thing called a social life, I have none. And nothing even close to resembling a night life. But it's okay, I don't care. I have my son, and that's what's important. Even better if me and the wife can get together again, though.


Larold P. Body said...

Sorry life's not the best right now. Not sure about the social security situation in the Phillipines but it's about to phase out in America. A book that I highly recommended if you haven't read it -- Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Completely revolutionized the way I think about money. Hope that helps. God bless. "It is impossible to stop a man or woman who will not quit!" - Michael Humes (wealth coach)

migs said...

Hey, thanks for posting. Didn't hear about the Social Security situation over there.

Yeah, I've heard about Rich Dad, Poor Dad from a few friends, and I've been meaning to it up. But even if I did find it, I probably wouldn't have time to read it.