The calm before the storm...

It's always like this before the holiday season comes in (better known as the "ber" season here in the Philippines). Theres practically no work to do (not that I'm complaining that much). And then, when the holiday shopping rush starts, thats when things go all haywire.
Can you imagine recieving over 100 emails an hour? And then, have practically 75% of those emails come from irate customers? It's not a picnic. And then, after about a month of about 1,000 emails a day, it starts piling up, and Up, and UP.
It feels godawful when you know you're working triple time to catch up with the workload, but the wokload seems to be going 10x as fast! Coming to work with 500 email's waiting, and then leaving with 1500 waiting. It's just not fair. Last time that happened to us, we finished them all off by, oh let's see... 3 months after the holidays? Bloody nightmare.
But it's payday today. And that alone make things feel better. Now let's see if we can save something up for the holidays, so that I can honestly say "Happy Holidays!"

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