'Nuther Boring Day at Work

Interestingly, when theres nothing to do here, I can find absolutely nothing to do or read on the net. And when we're swamped, that's wehen I remember to research this, read up on that, find out about something else.... *sigh*

Interestingly though, I found this...

Intel Corp.’s first dual-core chip was a hastily concocted design that was
rushed out the door in hopes of beating rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD)
to the punch, an Intel engineer told attendees at the Hot Chips conference

Full story can be found here.

Just goes to show that sometimes, leading the pack for too long, the one in the rear will bite back eventually.

Good thing I was considering an AMD for my desktop. And even though its not going to be a dual core processor, at least its 64 bits. And I did a costing on it. A standard generic ATX case (found a nice one with 10, count 'em, 10 drive bays), video card (I'm not a gamer, so I'm happy enough with an FX5200), 80 GB Hard drive (I was thinking of springing for a 200), motherboard (Epox), processor (AMD Sempron 2500+ 64bit), 1 GB of DDR 400 (2X512), a Combo-drive (lite-on most likely, haven't made up my mind yet), a 15" LCD monitor and the minor peripherals will cost just a little shy under 35 grand (roughly $600)good enough for me. I don't need the speed bost of dual channel memory, and any of the rest that makes a really high end machine expensive. All I need is future proof.

So what do I do now? Get the Desktop first or get the Laptop first? I must ponder this, as these are Very Important Questions that require Much Deep Thinking.

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