What host to use?

I have no idea. While I fully support Filipino companies wholeheartedly, it's kind of hard to pick one. Like, take www.dragweb.net for example. I like the pricing and the payment options. Unfortunately, it's been around since March of this year. Hard to trust an entity without a track record.

Then, theres www.techhive. com. Looks better, plus the site of a friend of mine is hosted there as well (www.halfproject.com). But the pricing is kind of steep for me, and they only have an annual payment scheme.

Of course, I can pick an international host. But credit cards aren't exactly the easiest things to apply for here. Been trying to get myself one since I don't know how long.

Now, you might ask, what would I host? Well, there's this blog for one. And then, I'd like to put up a small repository of linux (what else?) apps that I like and use regularly. And of course, there are some side projects I'd like to do, and having a host would definitely make it easier.

Now, how to choose? I could of course compare pricing, and features, etc. etc. etc. But I think I'll do it the scientific way.

Eeeny, Meenie, Minie, Moe....

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