I'm Sick!

and Tired of work!

hehehe... just kidding. I actually like my job, despite all appearances and claims to the contrary. But I really am sick right now. I must've caught my sons' flu. Feels like my head is stuffed with wool, and I can barely understand my customers emails (now, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing).

Good news though, Software Freedom Day is coming up. I'm both nervous and excited at the same time, being part of the Demo Booth team. I've been using linux for long enough, but I did have a rather longish hiatus without a home pc and all for a while. Oh well, good thing all I'm demoing are web apps (like firefox, ftp paraphernalia, chat clients, etc. etc.) It's going to be on September 10, by the way. Just check out the wiki for other details. It's updated on a more or less regular basis.

*I wonder when the next IM meeting will be held.*

Now, I wonder if I can ask my dad to foot the bill for a home pc first, and get the laptop second? At least I'll be able to toss in some linux time, and start polishing up my (few) rusty linux skills.

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