Another Day, Another Dollar....

or lack of it anyway.... lemme see... average income here in the Philippines is roughly $150 a month, cost of living per day (per person) is about $2, and then there's rent. Oddly enough, for a half-decent apartment, it's anywhere from $75/month (I wouldn't guarantee your health in an apartment like this though, unless you find one out in the boonies like I used to), all the way up to $400+++ (but these ones are coool!). I can't afford this one though, considering that I'm earning roughly the same amount ($400). More hunting to do over the next few months.

Speaking of $$$ (or in my case, PHP, and no, its not the scripting language), I have to start saving up for that laptop (I'd like a Mac, but its too bloody expensive here). Maybe something in the $1,000 range would be nice. I found a few, but the money's not there yet. And to top it off, I need a Desktop as well (I can probably slap one together for $500 or less). Preferably a 64 Bit Athlon. But a high-end Pentium 4 will do (maybe 3.06 gig?) Of course the monitor has to be at least a 15" LCD (17-19" preferred).

OS to be installed? Slackware of course! Ain't nothing comin' between me and my slack!

Unfortunately, before everything else follows, the plan has to go around with more $$$. I need to save up about, lemme see... roughly PHP 75,000 - PHP 90,000 ($1500-$1700) to get everything in order. I guess its crackers for lunch for the next few months...

This is the laptop I'm considering: Compaq NX6120

Its a Compaq NX6120. Lots of bells and whistles for under $1,000.

But I'd really love to get this: Price? oh, just around $1500...
Acer Ferrari
Guess the image I grabbed wasn't so good. It's an Acer Ferrari. Beautiful piece of work, and there's a new one that's made of carbon fiber!

Unfortunately, the damn thing has an ATI Mobility graphics chip onboard. ATI just ain't my thing. And ATI doesn't play well with linux either. Oh well.

I can still dream about it though. Maybe another time (or if Acer comes out with a unit using nVidia for graphics...)

Starvation city, here I go!

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