A Day in the Life of an E-Mail Rep

How many times have I had to tell a customer exactly what he/she needs by parroting what she's already read on our website?

Jeesh... sometimes I really wonder, how in the nine hells did the US become a superpower, what with the apparent disparity in IQ levels...

Not to disparage Americans though. They're some of my favorite people. Unfortunately, working in a support position, it seems that you'll find all the dull knives in the drawer (more as a rule than an exception). Of course, there are always some stellar geniuses writing in with more questions than I have answers or know or care to find out (who in the nine hells would be interested in the particle output of item X or the brightness in Candelas of product Y?)


Thats my day. Everyday. Non-stop emails from the brightest of the bright, and the dimmest of the dim.

On the bright side, at least this job does pay me almost triple the average (I believe that was on my last post), plus the incentives. And this job being what it is, I have a lot of research work to do, which means that the net is wide, wide open for me. =Þ

At least this day is about to end already.

And payday is at the end of the week. WOOHOO!

Time to start saving up for them PC's (one desktop, one laptop). Target is roughly $1000 by December.

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