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MS ROCKS! NOT! Well, actually, they do. With what they and the BSA are doing (trying to stamp out piracy and all). With all the raids happening, well, a large number of cybercafes here in the Philippines are starting to migrate towards Open Source. Virtually all of them would be happy to get even just Counter Strike running (which should, be a simple matter with cedega).

Let's see, what else has been going on... well my bank account is actually growing (see right sidebar), and theres actually a spare 2 grand in the bank. It's a first for me, to say the least.

By the way, I got a nice bit of backpack by Jansport A lapstation, worth about 7 grand here. Absolutely a beautiful piece of work, if ever I did see one.

Fits my laptop quite well (an old presario 1201t, clunky, but still usable), is practically armored, and holds a ton of other stuff inside. One of the bigger downsides? It weighs a ton! But I love it!

Anyway, going back to the cybercafes, well, with all of these people starting to migrate, I see a possible business venture setting these people up. Unfortunately, without a desktop to work with, I can't really tweak cedega to my hearts' content (this here lappy of mine only has a trident cyberblade video chip).

Well, that can come after Software Freedom Day rolls around. I'm definite that quite a number of the owners will be visiting to see how things work. Right now, I really am enjoying teaching new folk to the beauty of linux (no matter how stubborn they may be), despite the fact that I've practically had to ram the line "Linux is Not Windows" down their throats several times already. It's all good. Make no mistake though, I am not a guru, nor a wiz. Not even knowledgeable. I'm also still a noob (but then again, in linux, it's all just a variance of noobdom. No one can really claim to know linux inside out, left to right, and top to bottom). I just enjoy sharing what I learned.


Anonymous said...

Same here. Spreading the gospel of open source. I heard a funny story. There were actually shop-owners trying to buy linux cd's at a local computer store (Enigma Technologies). Their inquiries were met with irked glances and confused faces. The store happens to be an authorized reseller of Microsoft in Angeles City. Come to think of it, I think they're the only one around here.

I asked the person that told the story that if ever he met those people again he should tell them Linux is free and that they could get free copies from me.

Power to the people, bro.

Daysleeper Ed

mark said...

Hi migs.

I followed you to your blog from the PLUG mailing list. I have been an on and off Linux user for 4 years already (and on the PLUG list), but still not an expert on it.

Anyway, i own an internet cafe which I would be shifting to Ubuntu, because of the recent raid happenings. These past two nights i have been lurking in the MSDN Phils Licensing forum to get learn more about the BSA Campaign. MS Sucks, but i digress.

I'm just glad that Linux experts like you are giving other cafe owners help in this great oppurtunity for the opensource world.

I don't have anything in particular to say to you now, just glad to know what you're doing (the tipid pc thread that you linked to is idly waiting for me in the background window, :D) Maybe when i am not too busy with other things (other than this BSA BS.) I hope to contact you, just for acquaintnce sake... Btw, i know Clair, i came from the same school as Dean (my geek friends are his compsci buddies)... Just a little "Friend of a Friend" info, to get things started.