Some updates, some changes, some fun

Had to roll back to the old looks for this blog, otherwise, it looks unwieldly on anything less that 1024x768 resolution, although I did increase the width of the posts, which may be tantamount to the same thing...

Anyway, for the things that have been happening...

Firstly, put another cybercafe notch in my belt. It's the second lanshop that I've fully converted to linux and OSS. The first two was rather easy, as the owner was more inclined towards open source, and actually wanted to run a pure open source shop from the beginning (he says he'd have loved to do it himself, but he freezes on the command line).

Next, after the migration, I actually managed to pay off some outstanding bills! (no extra for me...=( hmmppp!)

And after that, I spent the whole day out with my son. Just him, me, my wife and the malls (not that we actually had anything to spend...)

Now, I'm getting some proposals to, well, propose to some educational institutions to migrate to open source as well... (are cash signs popping out of my eyes? *wicked grin*)

All in all, a rather quiet week. Look's like the laptop will have to take the backburner, as I need the desktop ASAP. Oh well, this clunk old Compaq still has some life in it.

Oh, and just an interesting bit that I found, MS actually borked longhorn. It's just plain interesting that they actually came out and admitted it.

Oh, and I need glasses. My migraines are starting to kill me (you'd have migraines the size of microsoft, if you stared at a monitor at least 15 hours a day).

Anyway, that's it for now!


Clair said...

Hey, Migs! Kewlness. I am clueless with internet related stuff when it comes to setting it up, etc. as I have no internet access at home (landline is prepaid you see). Hey at least you were able to pay some outstanding bills... =D

Are you into PHP? Let me know. SMS me if you can ;)

mark said...

hey migs, galengaleng. a friend and I (who makes my geekiness pale in hers) are setting up a new cafe for a friend, and they want to use linux. We'd probably use breezy. (yay!) Any tips? We're also installing WC Diablo and CS.